AUGUR Consulting

Augur Consulting is a vibrant company committed to assist our clients in finding the perfect solution to their request and needs. Our services take the individual needs of our clients into account and we will find the best placement solution through our combined experience and collective skills.
Our studies, passion and personal experience have allowed us to establish Augur Consulting. Our goal is to assist and support people in realising one of the most precious and special moments in their studies, besides an internship abroad is an exchange of knowledge between different cultures and skills. This is our way to contribute to the development of a very positive and fast growing country in Africa.

We pride ourselves on finding you the specific opportunity that best suits your needs.

Who we are

  • Sorayah Martin
    Managing Director
  • Peter Wagner
    Legal Consultant

The Vision

Our vision is to be the greatest Human Resource Management Agency in Southern Africa through our excellent and reliable services.

Mission Statement

We see our future as a contribution to the growth and development of Southern Africa and will provide our clients with a fitted solution to their request with a world class service in placement, recruitment and relocation, and any aspects of Human Resource management.

Our team is trained in Human Resource Management, Training & Organisational Development, Labour and Corporate law which enables us to deal with and advise on all related topics and has years of experience in the corporate, legal and consulting field.

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